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I'm just an ass in the crack of humanity.


Great Spirit Prayer by Big Thunder – Late 19th Century Algonquin

Native American Legend of Buffalo Woman, A story of Magic
"I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations."

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"We may finally ask ourselves whether coincidence really does exist. Maybe everybody we run into is walking around near us with the undying hope of meeting us? To think of it, it’s a fact that they often seem out of breath."


She hates walking past reflective shop windows. Her nose hangs crooked as if sculpted by an artist with a sense of humor. Her eyes are too close together and her straw hair matches the ashen tint of her hollowed face. In the shop window she sees the reflection of the person she does not want to be, but with the perfectly angled photo that person could disappear at any moment… Read more
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A Day In The Life of a Gay Toronto Street Kid

It’s a humid summer night and the street is littered with the day’s newspapers, Starbucks cups, trash and all things discarded. The gleams from the streetlight strike the damp concrete creating an amber glow in the dusk. The street is empty and quiet and for Riley it’s a fleeting getaway from the everyday hustle. During the day this stretch of King Street from Dovercourt down to Dufferin is teeming with life, but tonight it’s a safe place for Riley to walk and find a new place to sleep. His old squatting place under the bridge along the Don Valley was recently taken over by some other street kids or “gutter rats” as Riley would describe them.
Being homeless in Toronto is not an easy deal. The violence, substance abuse, constant harassment from the police and general public make it very hard to live on the streets with a relaxed mind. For the countless homeless queer youth the dangers of homelessness are even further amplified…. read full article
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